Trung tâm báo cháy chung mei

Giá bán: Vui lòng gọi
Tình trạng: Mới 100%
Bảo hành: 12 tháng
Xuất xứ: ĐÀI LOAN
Tủ trung tâm báo cháy hệ thường

Automatic Testing Function:
This unit can act on the circuits inside the mainframe or conduct automatic scanning testing of disconnection, making maintenance and detection much easier, enhancing operating efficiency and reliability of the mainframe. (An above-81L model has automatic testing function; a below-81L model can choose to be equipped with this function.)

Accumulation Function:
Warning will not take place until circuit detection is confirmed after a certain period of time, so as to reduce the interference and reporting mistakes of ordinary circuits and enhance the reliability of the mainframe.
Reserve Power Supply Protective Device:
In case of power failure, discharge of the reserve power supply will automatically stop when it is below DC18V, so as to extend the service life of the battery.
Quality Control:
The switch on the guidance panel and all the components of the internal base plate have been granted CNS quality certification. The mainframe must go through strict testing before leaving the factory so as to ensure its normal operation.

Human-oriented Design:
All the internal base plates adopt a module design, with the internal terminal boards separated from each other and protective measures adopted for input. In case that the site requires external electricity to be connected with the circuit board, all that needs to be done is to replace this particular circuit board without removing external wires, enormously enhancing the efficiency of maintenance and detection.
The circuit indication panel of this unit adopts advanced heat-resistant plastic material, simple but elegant in appearance and outline, with clear indication of matched circuit indicating nameplate, building, stor
ey and circuit attribute.
Other Usage:
This unit can be integrated with the broadcasting mainframe and emergency telephone mainframe produced by the Company into a three-in-one unit, so as to achieve the consistency of the box and its appearance.


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